Create, use and share smart MenuSets
  • Find your 50 most used folders, files, links & searches with
    1 or 2 Keystrokes

  • Simplify enterprise training and support with customized SmartMenu information portal

  • Access dozens of
    your favorite search engines & databases directly from SmartMenu


AutoFinder + enhanced start menu

Work Faster With SmartMenu

Use SmartMenu to create a customized information portal that is aligned with how you work: by task, mode and/or project.Watch Video »

Using SmartMenu with

The more files and folders you store in cloud collaboration sites like, the more time you will save using SmartMenu as an information portal to these sites.Watch Video »

Share SmartMenus With Your Team

SmartMenu is a MenuSet editor. MenuSets can be used as SmartMenus, shared with others internally via SmartKB, or with anyone on the Web as touch-enabled mobile browser SmartPages.Watch Video »


Integrated enterprise knowledge base
Post any of the 11 SmartMenu item types to SmartKB and access by keystroke (via autofind) or keyword search in the blink of an eye.
Integrated knowledge base distributes keyword driven information portals customized for each team throughout the enterprise accessible simply by pressing Ctrl+Windows keys.
Create SmartMenus for each team, save the menu to SmartKB and designate as the default menu for a team (i.e. group). When each team or department member installs SmartMenu, the designated menu will be installed automatically from SmartKB.


Opportunities for you
The SmartMenu Import Wizard includes a library of MenuSets shared by others. You can share a sample of your knowledge including a banner ad linked to your Web page when your template is selected in the Import Wizard.
Make money selling, customizing, installing and supporting the SmartKB enterprise collaboration system integrated into SmartMenu.
SmartMenu multi items (parent, project and customer) and SQL database searches are opened by viewers. Author your own viewer to display the menu item(s) any way you want including targeting different database engines.

SmartMenu Download and Purchase Information

Click here to download the full version of the integrated SmartMenu productivity and collaboration software suite for a free 30 day trial. Single-user license $10. Enterprise license $99 per seat.