Find things faster!
  • Find your 50 most used folders, files, links & searches with 1 or 2 Keystrokes

  • SmartMenu uses
    less than 1 megabyte of memory. Minimal affect on system performance.

  • Access dozens of
    your favorite search engines & databases directly from SmartMenu.


SmartMenu is the premium version of StartGen

Using key letters to find things

Integrated search shortcuts

Jump to specific data

Invitation Only Beta

SmartMenu is available starting today by invitation only. Fill out this form to apply. If accepted, we will walk you through the installation and setup at no charge. Meanwhile others are welcome to use StartGen which is available here.



Use Web-enabled SmartMenu content on the go

Single search box for all searches

Build and share SmartPages in minutes via drag and drop

Quickly build start pages for meetings or training purposes

Select from our template library or build from scratch

SmartKB is an enterprise platform for sharing SmartMenus

Share actionable information and access by keyword from SmartMenu

For a fraction of the cost of competing offers

Each group can be assigned a SmartMenu that will be loaded automatically on install

Installation and support priced separately

What is a meta search?

A search for a search option in your SmartMenu

Incorporate direct access to a multitude of search engines and database lookup forms in your SmartMenu and locate them with a couple keystrokes.